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SHK has been investigating serious rail accidents and incidents since1990. The Swedish Transport Agency has the role of regulator and supervisory authority.

SHK investigates serious rail accidents and incidents that have occurred in Sweden. If a serious accident or incident with a train in international service takes place on, or close to, the Swedish border, SHK is required to reach an agreement with the investigating body of the other state concerned as to which authority shall investigate the event.

Investigating accidents

Rail accidents (trains, subway trains or trams) caused by collisions between rail vehicles, derailments or by any other safety critical event shall be investigated if they result in:

  • at least one person being killed or at least five persons being seriously injured; or
  • damage to rolling stock, infrastructure or other property, which can immediately be assessed to cost more than 2 million euros.

Investigating incidents

Rail incidents shall be investigated if:

  • there was a high probability of an accident;
  • there are indications of substantial faults with rolling stock or infrastructure or
  • there are indications of other substantial safety hazards.

SHK may investigate

  • less serious rail accidents and incidents if there are important safety lessons to be learned from such an investigation.


Accident Investigation Act (1990:712)
Accident Investigation Ordinance (1990:717)
Ordinance (2007:860) providing instructions for SHK


Swedish Transport Agency
See also Rail - International


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