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SHK investigates occurrences involving Swedish military ships both in Sweden and abroad. Events with Swedish military aircraft are investigated if they occur in Sweden. If they occur abroad they are investigated unless otherwise follows from international agreements signed by Sweden.

SHK also investigates events involving foreign military aircraft that have occurred in Sweden. However events in Sweden involving foreign military ships are not investigated by SHK.

Military accidents and incidents abroad not involving ships or aircraft, e.g. accidents related to ground vehicles, shootings or explosive devices are not investigated by SHK.

International law principles on issues of immunity as well as issues around security or practical matters may make it impossible in practice for SHK to carry out investigations into military occurrences abroad that should otherwise have been investigated.

International agreements

There are no international conventions or other generally applicable agreements to which Sweden is a party, that regulate investigations of military accidents and incidents. There are, however, examples of a so called Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Swedish government and the government of another state regarding the conduct of investigations into military accidents or incidents that affect both countries. Depending on the content of such an MoU, SHK may decide not to investigate an occurrence that would otherwise have been investigated under Swedish national law


Accident Investigation Act (1990:712)
Accident Investigation Ordinance (1990:717)
Ordinance (2007:860) providing instructions for SHK


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