Military Occurrences

Military Occurrences

Since 1990 SHK investigates all kinds of military accidents and incidents. The Swedish Armed Forces has the role of regulator and supervisory authority.

SHK investigates events that have occurred in Sweden, except for the fact that events involving foreign government ships are not investigated by SHK. SHK also investigates events that have occurred with Swedish military ships abroad. Events involving Swedish military aircraft abroad are investigated, subject to what follows from international agreements signed by Sweden. Other military occurrences abroad are not investigated by SHK.

Military occurrences are investigated in accordance with the same rules and procedures as for corresponding civil events.

See also Military Occurrences - International.


Accident Investigation Act (1990:712)
Accident Investigation Ordinance (1990:717)
Ordinance (2007:860) providing instructions for SHK


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