Near collision of trains at the station of Fångsjöbacken, Ragunda

Date of occurrence: 2016-10-11

Two trains were scheduled to cross at Fångsjöbacken station, which is situated on a single-track line. The station is designed for simultaneous train arrival. As the train that was set to use the siding still was travelling over the switch leading to the siding, the train on the main track failed to stop at the signal at the end of the train route and proceeded past the stop lantern and came to a standstill at the clearance point in the switch. A collision with the train entering the siding was avoided only with the smallest margin.

Helene Arango Magnusson
Investigator in charge
Eva-Lotta Högberg

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Stakeholder meeting held
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published