Train collision between Molkom and Deje in Värmland

Date of occurrence: 2016-09-30

A multiple unit of two locomotives which was sent out to assist a freigh train that had come to a standstill between Kil and Molkom, collided with the train. One of the drivers was injured. The rolling stock sustained severe damage. A few facts have been established:

1. The registration unit in the locomotive ATC system indicates that the multiple unit was travelling at 59 km/h at the time of impact.

2. The track section was given over to the movement of the assisting vehicles.

The fact-finding activities are not yet concluded. Interpretation and analysis of facts will take place at a later stage of the investigation.

Mikael Karanikas
Investigator in charge
Eva-Lotta Högberg

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2017-09-18 Final report
Final Report RJ 2017:04 with summary in English

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