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More accurate obstacle data improves flight safety


SHK has investigated a serious incident that occurred when a JAS 39 Gripen was about to collide with a mast. SHK notes in its report that the number of masts and other obstacles to low-flying aircraft and helicopters has increased significantly in recent times and that the flight obstacle database that is used as a basis for aeronautical charts and in the planning of flights is not of sufficient quality.

Since SHK published its final report (RM 2015:02) and issued a number of safety recommendations, measures have been taken to improve aviation safety.

The Swedish Armed Forces has clarified its guidelines for low level flight and are currently reviewing how map data in various aircraft systems can be updated with obstacle data in a more efficient manner.

The Swedish Transport Agency has updated the information on its website about the flight obstacle registration and marking of flight obstacles. The requirements for marking objects that could pose a hazard to aviation have also been changed.

The Government has set aside funds in the budget proposal for 2017 to update the flight obstacle database.

More information is available on the Board's website in connection with the final report.

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