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Visit from Lithuania

SHK has been visited by the Lithuanian Transport Accident and Incident Investigation Division on October 2-3, as part of an exchange of experience within the framework of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration.... Read more

SHK’s Annual Report for 2016

SHK’s Annual Report for 2016 has now been published in English.Annual report 2016... Read more

Director General at the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority

The government extends Hans Ytterbergs appointment as Director General of the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority until April 30 in 2020.... Read more

SHK’s equality plan is approved

According to the Discrimination Act, employers are required to prepare a plan for their gender equality work. The plan shall among other things include an overview of the steps necessary in the workplace in order to combat discrimination and promote equal rights and opportunities. If there are more than 25 employees it must also include a plan of action for equal pay which is to be based on a con... Read more

SHK calls for measures to prevent barge accidents

SHK has in two reports found that the legislation on ship safety is unclear regarding barges. This has the consequence that many barges for commercial use in practice is not subject to supervision and rules on certificates do not apply. Over a ten year period there were 44 accidents reported 44 where barges were involved. Many of the accidents can be classified as serious or very serious. SHK not... Read more

More accurate obstacle data improves flight safety

SHK has investigated a serious incident that occurred when a JAS 39 Gripen was about to collide with a mast. SHK notes in its report that the number of masts and other obstacles to low-flying aircraft and helicopters has increased significantly in recent times and that the flight obstacle database that is used as a basis for aeronautical charts and in the planning of flights is not of sufficient q... Read more