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Accident with a wind turbine in Lemnhult

Date of occurrence: 2015-12-24

A 185 meter high wind turbine in Lemnhult, Jönköping County, plummeted the 24 December 2015. A certain amount of gear oil and hydraulic oil etc. ran out in the ground when the machine casing hit the ground. The wind farm has an additional 31 wind turbines with similar construction. The owner and the manufacturer are investigating the accident and have stopped the operation of the other wind turbines until the safety of these have been checked.

SHK has decided to investigate the accident. SHK conducts its own independent investigation but coordinates its activities with the private investigation and the authorities concerned.

Jonas Bäckstrand
Investigator in charge
Alexander Hurtig

Latest investigation updates

2017-02-22 Summary and Safety Recommendations

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Stakeholder meeting held
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published
Recommendation handling underway
Recommendation handling closed
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