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Serious incident involving two trains in Strömtorp

Date of occurrence: 2014-11-04

At a meeting between passenger trains 634 and 8919 in Strömtorp train 8919 unexpectedly was led towards the tracks where train 634 had just stopped. The driver of train 8919 saw that the switch was in the wrong position and stopped the train before they collided.

SHK has assessed the occurrence as a serious incident.

Mikael Karanikas
Investigator in charge
Rickard Ekström

Latest investigation updates

2015-12-11 Summary and recommendations
2015-11-03 Final report
Final Report RJ 2015:04 Strömtorp with Extended Summary in English

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Stakeholder meeting held
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published
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