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Collision between the taxiboat CABBIE and a pleasure craft near Möja

Date of occurrence: 2014-10-11

The taxi boat CABBIE traveled on a southwesterly course south of Möja with a passenger on board. Meanwhile an open pleasure craft traveled on a northwesterly course toward Möja with one person aboard. The boats collided with each other. The pleasure craft was significantly damaged and its driver was killed. The taxi boat sustained limited damage.

Jonas Bäckstrand
Investigator in charge
Rikard Sahl

Latest investigation updates

2016-03-07 SHK´s assessment of The Swedish Transport Agency´s response to SHK´s safety recommendations
2016-03-07 Response from The Swedish Transport Agency to SHK´s safety recommendations
2016-01-14 Summary and recommendations
2015-10-08 Final report
Final Report RS2015:08 CABBIE Summary and Safety recommendations in English

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Stakeholder meeting held
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published
Recommendation handling underway
Recommendation handling closed