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Runway excursion in the Bahamas

Date of occurrence: 2017-02-07

Investigated by Bahamas.

An aircraft of the type Saab 340A was used in domestic air services in the Bahamas. After take-off, the crew received an indication of a failure of the landing gear. It was then decided to return and land at Grand Bahama International Airport. At the landing the left main landing gear collapsed and the aircraft ran off the runway. Only minor injuries were suffered by the people on board.

The Air Accident Investigation Department of the Bahamas, AAID, is investigating the accident. SHK has appointed an accredited representative to assist the investigation.

Chairperson in Sweden
Jonas Bäckstrand
Accredited representative
Sakari Havbrandt

Latest investigation updates

2017-03-21 Preliminary Report L-12/17 C6-HBW Bahamas

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published
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