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Accident with an aircraft of the type Saab 340 in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Date of occurrence: 2013-07-29

Investigated by: The Democratic Republic of Congo

A Swedish-manufactured aircraft of the type Saab SF340B ran off the runway during start from Lubumbashi Lwano in the Democratic Republic of Congo. No people were injured.

The aircraft was operated by a Ukrainian company for the United Nations (MONUSCO). SHK appointed an accredited representative and has been assisting the investigation.

The investigation authority in the Democratic Republic of Congo published a preliminary report, and closed the investigation. No final report has been published.

Chairperson in Sweden
Jonas Bäckstrand
Accredited representative
Nicolas Seger

Latest investigation updates

2017-03-29 Interim Statement (Only French report)

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Final report published