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Accident in Reisadalen, Norway with a helicopter of model EC 120B, SE-JJM

Date of occurrence: 2015-08-15

Investigated by: Norway

On 15 August 2015, the helicopter should be flown from Alta to Kiruna. There were visual flight conditions and southeasterly winds. As the helicopter approached Reisadalen, the commander performed a right hand turn to a northwesterly heading. At that stage, the helicopter lost the height although the commander pulled the collective lever. The helicopter descended vertically and landed hard on its undercarriage. The helicopter got extensive damage. The pilot suffered injuries leading to hospitalization.

The accident is investigated by Accident Investigation Board Norway

Chairperson in Sweden
Helene Arango Magnusson
Accredited representative
Agne Widholm

Investigation started
Fact-finding phase
Stakeholder meeting held
Analyzing phase
External consultation process closed
Final report published
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