The ESTONIA accident 1994

The joint Estonian/Finnish/Swedish Accident Investigation Commission (JAIC) was set up on 29 September 1994. The final report was presented in December 1997.

MV ESTONIA Final report ISBN 951-53-1611-1

A hard copy of the report can be ordered from Fritzes.

Contact the customer service for assistance Nordstedts Jurik och Fritzes Kundtjänst.

The Swedish MV Estonia record was delivered from the Board and deposited with the National Archives in 2002. For information, please contact the National Archives.

Questions regarding MV Estonia, please refer to the Ministry of Defence.

Information regarding MV Estonia was earlier available at SPF (The Board of Psychological Defence). SPF ceased to exist 2008. The Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency serves as the state´s contact authority for relatives and survivors. Estoniasamlingen, a digital information database, is managed from 1 April, 2011 by the National Archives.